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Treasure 13 debut cancelled

So far, YG has denied that its trainees are leaving the company, issuing a statement to say that "all staff members are working in the same way as usual" and that "plans are going as scheduled without any setbacks", but it has been months since we've heard a peep about the K-pop boy band's plans to debut. But here's where it gets interesting. In a now-deleted post on his personal blog FROM YG, Yang explained that this logistical arrangement was to "allow for the members to showcase more of their individual capabilities".

The group continues to be marginally active on social media, with their last update on Instagram being a post to wish member Asahi happy birthday on 19 August.

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YG Released QnA of Treasure13 (Debut Plan, MAGNUM, etc) and upcoming Great News from BLACKPINK

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This was a dreadfully written series; Scooby Doo without the animation. The actors were gorgeous and the locations seemed real enough, but even with plausibility suspended, the story line defied credibility and the acting was at the high school level.

Beautiful scenery, interesting characters and plot, with non-stop action and entertainment! It would be a shame to cancel this show…. Blood and Treasure was such an excellent summer time escape.

treasure 13 debut cancelled

Great actors, interesting intrigue, enjoyable story telling, excitement and action, and everything necessary for enjoyable adventures. Just watched the last episode and I am going to miss it. Loved the son-father twist in it. LOVED it!Treasure 13 Debut Cancelled? BarackOkarma Trendsetter. Why am I not surprised if that actually happens?

It's YG. CodeLRL Newbie. If this is true I wouldn't be surprised. He just can't manage to debut a new bg, can he? O where's the article.?

LostinDream Super Rookie. He ain't gonna get any more trainees and trainee survival shows. At this rate who will want to try to debut under agency where multiple shows flopped, were cancelled ect. Bluehappycat likes this. I was looking forward to their debut. I feel bad for all those trainees who worked so hard for their spots and now they don't even get to debut.

Even if this turns out to not be true, I have a feeling they will be thrown under the bus because of all the stuff happening with Burning Sun. YG is trying to deal with that and Seungri retiring so debuting a group right now would not be the best of options.

Hopefully they get to debut eventually, but not right now because they will get put on the back burner. XmisteryGamerX Rookie. I mean with everything thats going on with yg debuting someone now Lubby00 Icon. Watch YG waits until Produce X debuts.

Marianthi likes this. Joshy Public Figure. E stan. E stan talent! Charmed likes this. KorainismGgg and like this. I think YGE has stopped doing anything while the investigation is going on. Ouch, YG entertainment is not doing well these days. Kayzie Newbie.The Curse of Oak Island is a reality television [1] multi-season series that chronicles the efforts of an eclectic team of treasure hunters searching for legendary treasure on the infamous Oak Islandon the South Atlantic shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is an American television production that first premiered in Canada on the History network on January 5, The show features what is known as the Oak Island mysteryshowing efforts to search for historical artifacts and treasure. The Curse of Oak Island follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, [5] originally from Kingsford, Michiganthrough their efforts to find the speculated treasure or historical artifacts believed to be on Oak Island.

The series discusses the history of the island, recent discoveries, theories, and prior attempts to investigate the site. The Lagina brothers became fascinated with the island after reading the January issue of Reader's Digest magazine that features an article on the Restall family's work to investigate the so-called "Money Pit". The brothers were later approached by Prometheus Entertainment to do a reality show.

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Persons featured have included Zena Halpern [11] discussing her theory about North African gold and sharing copies of a French map of the island which she claims is dated ; J.

treasure 13 debut cancelled

Hutton Pulitzer [12] discussing his theory of ancient mariner visitations; Petter Amundsen discussing his theory about codes hidden in Shakespearean literature and a secret project involving Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians ; Daniel Ronnstam discussing his theory about the 90 foot stone being a dual cypher containing instructions as how to defeat the money pit flood tunnels with corn; authors Kathleen McGowen and Alen Butler discussing their theory involving the fabled Knights Templar treasure and an alleged relocation of historical religious artifacts to the island; and John O'Brien discussing his theory that the island contains treasures of the Aztec Empire.

It has also been suggested by Zena Halpern, without evidence, that the Templars worshipped the Phoenician goddess Tanit. Over time, the Oak Island team has expanded. Some specialists who have been brought to the island for specific purposes, such as Terry Matheson, Laird Niven and Gary Drayton, have joined the team as full time members.

A number of individuals have made recurring appearances, usually when their expertise is called upon in association with the treasure hunt.

Jihyo Loses Her Cool, X1 Disbands, Treasure 13 Redebut

They may appear many times in one season and then far more infrequently in other seasons or not at all, depending on what is required during the ongoing search. In addition to regular and recurring cast members, there have been several visits by people who have a significant and sometimes intimate association with Oak Island. Having started inThe Curse of Oak Island is currently in its seventh season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Futon Critic. Retrieved December 6, Wisdom Digital Media.

Retrieved January 4, TV by the Numbers.

treasure 13 debut cancelled

Tribune Media Entertainment. Natives on History Channel tonight". The Mining Journal. Marquette, MI: Associated Press. January 5, Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved January 6, Retrieved November 13, History Channel.

Archived from the original on March 23, Daily Press. Escanaba, Michigan. Archived from the original on February 12, Retrieved February 12, Another fraudulent promise by YG.

Yang Hyun Suk promised a July debut for 'Treasure 13' but it looks this will not be possible.

YG's new boy band, Treasure, to debut this month

This is the second time that YG has failed to keep debut plans following prior debut cancellation of 'Mix Nine'. Even after stepping down from the front line, it looks like Yang Hyun Suk is still affecting YG's plans. According to a YG insider on the 24th, preparations for 'Treasure 13' debut project have been temporarily put on hold after Yang Hyun Suk's resignation as former executive producer.

An insider spoke to Hankyung and said, "It's been confirmed that the debut of Yang Hyun Suk's project 'Treasure 13' which we have been preparing ambitiously for has been postponed. Even contents like the profile images and behind-the-scenes films of the 13 members that were released in May are not available at the moment.

Internally, 'Treasure 13's debut project is nothing short of a temporary hold," he said. Yang Hyun Suk initially announced in February through its official blog that 'Treasure 13' will debut sometime between May and July this year.

But due to the complicated internal situation at YG, a smooth debut is expected to be difficult. Log in to comment. Is anyone surprised by this? Many of of knew this would happen. Terrible nonetheless but not at all surprising. Night Mode. Posted by emmamadison24 11, pts Thursday, July 25, He didn't promise a debut in July?.

Just yesterday they were celebrating member Jaehyuk's birthday? Aren't there other articles you can write about? All they've posted about on Instagram is birthday posters they've never confirmed their debut I get we all want to criticize but if you can't be truthful just keep quiet.

Yang Hyun Suk is trash but these reporters are even worse. Share this article. Yang Hyun Suk. Nina14red 3, pts Friday, July 26, 0 Friday, July 26, Actress Han So Hwee's friend states that her previous tattoo and smoking photos should not be judged as good or bad. Key posts a tribute to Jonghyun on Instagram. Former Hello Venus member Alice signs as an actress with new label Kingsland. Facts you might have not known about Kang Daniel in celebration of his 'Cyan' comeback.In addition, the company operates a number of subsidiary ventures under a separate public traded company, YG PLUS, which includes a clothing line, a golf management agency, and a cosmetics brand.

When they failed to attract popularity, Yang turned his focus to the duo Jinusean and in to the debut of 1TYM. Both were successful artists that Yang credits for bringing YG Entertainment and the hip hop genre into mainstream Korean music.

The label followed with releases from artists such as Perry, Swi. Ina second YG Family album was released. Among others, it featured the year-old G-Dragonwho was then a trainee. The agency found success in both Korea and Japan with its first " idol " singer Seven in[7] who became the company's first artist to attempt to cross over into the US music scene, though his US debut failed to gain momentum. Despite an initial lukewarm reception, the group's breakthrough the following year and their consistent popularity have made them one of the biggest and most bankable boy bands in the world.

InYG Entertainment made a highly publicized move into a new building, while the old headquarters became a training facility. This feat was a first for a South Korean artist. That same year, the label signed rapper and producer Tabloleader of the hip hop group Epik Highrelaunching his career after a musical hiatus following his Stanford controversy. On the second season of the show, both the winners, sibling duo Akdong Musician as well as runner-up Bang Ye-damsigned under the agency.

The conclusion of the reality series saw the formation of Winner. Sixteen years after the group's disbandment, first-generation K-pop boy band Sechs Kies signed a contract with YG in May to relaunch their career. Weiying took an 8. YG Entertainment debuted the four-member Blackpink in[55] followed by the solo rapper One the following year. In MayPsy left the company after eight years.

General Manager of Live Nation Asia, Mats Brandt, said in an interview that the company considered Big Bang to have the most potential to become a "global artist". Asiana Airlines signed a deal with YG Entertainment in Januaryproviding transportation for its personnel to and from domestic and international destinations in return for advertising.

On June 21,Tablo introduced the band Hyukoh via Instagram as the label's first official artist. TKorea's second best selling artist of after Big Bang. The label is also home to Jeon So-miwho was reported to have signed with the label in Septemberand debuted on June 13, D, and Anda.

TREASURE 13’s plans to debut have reportedly been put on hold

Moonshot stylized in all lowercase is a cosmetics brand launched by YG Entertainment on October 2, Following its domestic success, the clothing line also quickly sold out in its first international pop-up stores in 10 Corso Como shops in Milan, as well as other locations in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The brand plans to open a pop-up store at JayCo in Taiwan. I from iKon and Lisa from Blackpink in their commercials and promotions.

The studio will "specialise in the production of Korean Wave contents" and enter the global market.

treasure 13 debut cancelled

InYang Hyun-suk made headlines when he donated all of the dividends he received as a shareholder of YG Entertainment to help young children needing surgery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Treasure South Korean company. Romanized name. Net income. Yang Hyun-suk This section s needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Forums Search forums Register.

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And staying in YG won't bode well for this group anyway They'd be asking for death if they debuted right now considering the public sentiment these days. Yang Hyun Suk's too busy prepping for his own investigation, as if he cares about this group right now Reactions: QueenGirlCrushJichuus and lexus.

Are they even debuting period? Reactions: Jichuuslexus and OnCloudJess. Mayah said:. Reactions: JichuusMayah and lexus. Hopefully they'll actually debut unlike the Mix Nine contestants. Then again, their company is a mess right now. Reactions: OnCloudJesscolorfulteardropJichuus and 1 other person.

Totally forgot about them. At this rate, it seems pretty obvious that YG isn't going to debut any of these survival groups at all. It's a shame because they all work incredibly hard.

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