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Synology ds220+

Plex is a well-known software solution that allows you to build your own home library of videos, images, and music for playback on any multimedia device sharing the network. Think of it as your own personal Netflix that you host right in your own bedroom or living room.

On the other hand, a slow Plex experience on your NAS will result from a mismatching of components that will ultimately choke out the fluidity of your media-streaming experience. A second-time winner here, this is the most efficient solution for home Plex entertainment with two bays for holding your favorite media.

synology ds220+

Its support for 4K transcoding is shown effective and worth pursuing unlike other QNAP offerings on this list where the 4K was found to stutter badly despite similar specifications.

Otherwise, p should stream just fine. Read Full Review Check Price. Synology wins the middle ground with their solid offerings that are cited for their overall value. The transcoding supports 4K with H. Once again, the promise of 4K H.

Most of the issues that people are finding with this NAS is unrelated to the inherent design of the machine itself, and reviewers are mainly concerned with the lack of new software features from prior versions.

You have access to a single PCIe port for 10 Gb Ethernet compatibility, which means you can effectively download the whole solar system in a flash and host it from your exabyte hard drive in about years. There are also system snapshots to keep the system and its data groomed in case you mistakenly muck up some of your files.

You may find that the fan noise with this unit is a little over-the-top, which some cite as a deal-breaker in this model. However, the main problems, few and far between as they may be, are software-related and seem to boil down to some unresolved conflicts within the code. A bigger issue is the little stuff — you know, like updating the metadata on your photos, music, and videos.

Delivered in a sterile-looking, almost offensively bright chassis, this NAS borrows from near-identical design language as its other QNAP siblings. A simple truth about CPUs is that hardware acceleration only goes so far before the inherent bottlenecks of general processing become apparent, and Celerons are definitely not high-end processors by any means.

The idea with a server architecture is that processing efficiency is as important as the effectiveness because servers are left on constantly. Now this feels a little more like home entertainment. The chassis is a funky mix of stylish and functional, bearing a USB 3. This is clearly designed to be straddled across home- and business-level applications. The 8GB is an acceptable ceiling if a little low for industrial use, and pushing low-voltage RAM out of the box — as many servers tend to — suggests that the machine is initialized for low-end users.

It also tends to lose its IP address on the network, forcing you to replug the Ethernet line to gain its footing once more. Also worth noting is the inclusion of AirPlay support for Apple devices in addition to Chromecast and Bluetooth, making this a mighty fine wireless option for your home server needs.

The price tag should tell you up-front that this is poised to be an excellent Plex solution on the enterprise level in addition to other features. And QNAP is no slouch when it comes to on-board software features for surveillance, virtual machines and other needs that a server ideally fills.

This thing is even promoted for use as a standard PC with QvPC on board to let it run locally for the user in addition to background server support. This particular NAS from Synology is focused on encryption and intensive tasks.

Best 2-Bay NAS 2020 (so far)

The 2GB base RAM will almost certainly need a boost once you get your hands on this; nobody buys enterprise-level equipment at this price tag to experience memory crashes. You also have quad-core Pentium N with Quick Sync on board to make the transcoding life much easier. The added wonders of singular H.Of all the companies in the industry of network-attached storage, few are as secretive as Synology.

Whether you are an in the industry of network appliances and storage, the in-house IT guy, or a professional consumer prosumer who is just in the market for a new piece of kit, finding out information on the latest hardware and software releases from Synology NAS can often be rather difficult. I have been covering pretty much any and all new releases from Synology NAS for a few years now and although they are always rather secretive at the best of times, things are especially oblique in this latest generation of and range.

Several key launch events and massive technology events in the calendar have been postponed, cancelled even at this early stage of the year and this will likely continue to be the case into the summer. Therefore do not be surprised if some of the hardware and software products below arrive later than expected, or renamed in line with the Synology year-based naming convention ie DSx20 becoming DSx I will try to stay on top of this and update the article regularly, but I am just one guy!

Contrary to what Synology would admit, the Diskstation Manager software does not run the fullest or exact extent between devices. Below are all the hardware specifications of the DSxs we know so far:. More information on this HERE. Already mentioned around 9 months ago, the E10MT1 or perhaps the E10MT1 by the time it gets released is what alot of Synology NAS users have been demanding for a few years now, a means to take advantage of the PCIe upgrade slot provided on a number of devices and not have to pick between internal or external transmission speeds.

Although the model name gives you a good idea of what to expect, or the target audience for the E10M20 seems to be for those who already own a Synology NAS, it is still worth taking a closer look at what we have discovered.

Ultimately, will the E10M20 be worth your money? Good news for all NAS users that like to keep their hardware as uniform as possible, with the newly leaked information that Synology plan on releasing their own branded solid-state drives at some point in Although this information is still pretty early in the announcement and releases schedule so take it with a pinch of salt it is still going to be of interest to those who want to make the most of the data in their NAS whilst utilising solid-state drive caching.

The first is a range of SATA based 2. These are Arriving in 3 capacities:. The bad news is that full access to the DSM 7 system release or Beta, it has yet to be fully confirmed has now been postponed towards the end of the year. This is likely to be to both improve it even more, as well as to release it alongside newer generation hardware. Much like previous releases, the newest release of DSM will almost certainly be made available in beta to allow users to see what this new GUI and software platform will have on offer.

The need for beta testing in real-world scenarios is both beneficial to end-users and the company themselves makes alot of sense and many of us have been waiting to hear when we could all have a play with the new applications, software and abilities that NAS users will be enjoying later in on their NAS Drives. There are of course provisos. In order to take part in the overview of the DSM 7. Below are a few highlights, as well as a link to the full DSM breakdown from last year article and a video of the software platform in operation.

This can be for several reasons. Plus I think it would be remiss of me not to highlight that a number of users have their reservations about this CPU.

I think it performs remarkably well and Synology have spent a great deal of time getting alot of performance from it in DSM 6. So, the specifications are:. With the Synology range already started, with the likes of the DSj, DSslim and DSj, it is worth highlighting that there was one app for photographers that caused alot of buzz last year at the Synology launch event, I want to focus on a something that is both new and old at the same time.

For those that have owned a Synology NAS for a number of years, you are no doubt familiar with the two popular photo geared applications that are included in DSM. These two applications, the newer Synology Moments and the older Photo Station, are designed to help users handle their photography data, but with a different focus in mind. In an effort to combine the respective strengths of each application, as well as eliminate confusion, Synology Photos is coming and has been revealed to consolidate the two older applications to create one premium photography tool that will be included in DSM 7.

So, why change things around? Why not keep things as they are with both apps? The first thing that will strike you about Synology Photos for NAS is that the user interface is exceptionally clean! Although I am cold the colour palette may be changed, the actual default UI is remarkably clear and uses the large thumbnail system found in Moments and then uses the left-hand bar navigation system found in Photo Station. Although this is already something that Windows users and Synology Drive client for Windows have enjoyed for a while, thanks to Windows cooperating with Synology to utilise this service, the newest Drive client for Mac will include these options.

Few examples were provided in the presentations but I was informed this is something they are working on to make available as soon as possible and for those that followed my coverage of these services on the Windows Drive client, you will know why this is such a big, big deal and something often requested.As with earlier years, Synology is holding a separate occasion that is operating in the course of the Computex commerce present and for those which are interested in the well-liked NAS producer, it is going to be a must-visit for these in Taiwan at the finish of the month.

Synology might be revealing brand new Diskstation and Rackstation options, as well as previewing new software improvements too. We also hope to get a greater take a look at the as-yet-unreleased, DSM 7. We at NASCompares will, in fact, be there to offer you guys a better take a look at what Synology have in store for us in their NAS collection, however here is what we all know up to now. Here is what Synology themselves need to say in the meanwhile:. Synology provides a wide array of solutions to ensure business continuity.

Join us to explore the data life cycle and discover infinite possibilities of file access, storage, and backup. These are:. We will know more at the end of the month. Presently, Synology solely supports NVMe as an SSD caching choice, but increased help of this as a raw storage media sort in flash units can be of specific curiosity to many. We will see. It was only referred to in manufacturing movies and the proposed AI identification advantages were given plenty of coverage.

The Synology DVA offers improved accuracy of motion detection and monitor and document shifting of objects with the help of further GPU energy. Also, the DVA NAS identifies and differentiates objects, calculates a crowd within a selected time-frame, detects lacking objects as well as objects which are out of the strange, and can provide real-time video evaluation knowledge for the related consumer, within the devoted GUI.

That is used to recognize clever triggers and ship deep learning in graphic phrases. Alongside this, the system features 2x USB three. Previously generally known as the UC Rackstation NAS, this system was an enormous, huge function on the Synology official event final yr. In the event of hardware failure, CPU failure, system attack or extra, the 2nd controller will then grow to be the primary system and your related users, hosting, and extra will barely even notice.

It was a powerful piece of package final yr and undoubtedly something that high-level enterprise server users have been needing for a while now.

Up until now, Synology has been scorching as regards to their High Availability 2. Although which means the storage is shared additionally. Although already coated final yr in the type of the DSslim, we now have still yet to see this 2. With differing reviews of the interior hardware in several areas, as well as Synology official sources in several nations all stating it is postponed, I feel it possible that this can be absorbed into the Synology collection and be re-named the DSslim NAS.

Whether it is going to stay in its current type with an Intel J collection CPU, or if it makes the bounce to the Celeron J continues to be unknown, but I hope this NAS sees the light of day quickly. We shall see!

synology ds220+

Synology NAS is widespread however all too typically costlier for first time NAS customers and as much as residence and small workplace consumers need to reap the benefits of the DSM software program, the out there price range is all the time a problem.

That is why the J collection has all the time been tremendously well-liked as an economical selection. The DSx18J vary was especially common, as it included the newer range of 64bit Realtek CPU that, although ARM in classification and effectivity, have been far more capable than anything included within the J collection beforehand. The DSj was all the time for the very, very low end of the market and just one tier up you can find that in earlier years the DS and DS have been remarkably properly outfitted NAS units that arrive at a fantastically reasonably priced worth point.

Whether as a network backup or as a main NAS storage answer with USB or cloud backups in place it is quick turning into extremely popular and since Synology have been enhancing that hardware discovered on this system to compete with its RAID enabled brothers and sisters, it is definitely something that might do properly.See how Synology's intelligent data management solutions can protect, accelerate, and transform your business.

Synology continues to meet and exceed expectations by driving superior user experiences while enabling the acceleration of business outcomes. From technologies that keep you on the front line to solutions that are already powering numerous businesses around the world -- this is the place to share your ideas and gain insights from others.

See all the big announcements unveiled in front of you, and hear about how these technologies will change the way you manage data.

Learn from real-world use cases. Explore the hardware and software deployment strategies for different scales and requirements. Interact with our experts, get hands-on demonstrations and provide feedback on our products and solutions.

South Korea. United Kingdom. United States. China Shanghai - 09 - 20 This event has ended. Copenhagen - 10 - 01 This event has ended. Paris - 09 - 24 This event has ended. Berlin - 09 - 03 This event has ended. Milan - 10 - 16 This event has ended. Tokyo - 10 - 15 This event has ended. Seoul - 10 - 01 This event has ended. Taipei - 08 - 31 This event has ended. Utrecht - 09 - 12 This event has ended. London - 09 - 19 This event has ended. New York City - 09 - 18 This event has ended.

This event has ended. New York City.We believe that a dual-drive NAS system is the starting point for anyone that wants a home or small business server. And, for those in the market for a low-cost NAS solution, the Synology DSj has been an obvious choice for the last two years. It delivers a simple to deploy, yet powerful NAS platform in a neat and discrete package.

With the new DSj, Synology is looking to maintain market share by providing an uprated machine at roughly the same price as the hardware it replaces. But in defence of this product, the cost of the DSj reflects well the hardware on offer and the impressive DSM platform that comes with it.

Even those that can tell the difference between cars made in successive production years would be challenged to differentiate the DSj from the NAS box it replaces.

Except for the model number printed on the front face, externally the DSj is practically identical to the DSj that came before it, and even the DSj before that. To mount drives, you must slide one half of the plastic case away from the metal cradle that holds the motherboard and drives. Once the case side has been removed, the owner has easy access to the drive cradle to mount either 2.

With 15TB drives available now, and larger capacities coming, it is possible to have massive amounts of data stored on a DSj, even if you use drive mirroring. Screws are included to hold the drives firmly in place, and only a few are needed. Four screws are in the box, which is plenty to avoid them shifting if the DSj is handled. The retail DSj comes without any drives unless you buy a model that has pre-installed storage at an additional cost.

The whole process takes only a few minutes, and all the settings and choices are driven via a web-based configuration wizard. By default, with two drives the system will default to mirror those drives, but you can reconfigure to use each drive independently, or merge them into a single volume of full combined capacity if you like. These structural changes need to be made before loading the system with data, as changing the drive layout will often require the existing structures to be removed.

But for those unfamiliar with Synology hardware, the revelation of Synology DSM is the sheer number of applications that you can load and launch once you are up and running. These include a very wide range of services, tools for backing up, development platforms, security solutions and a dozen other useful functions. For those unsure of an investment in a Synology NAS, it might be worth looking at the apps available for the machine they intend to purchase and see if they include the ones that will be most beneficial.

The headline story is that where the DSj used the Marvell Armada dual-core 1.Good news for those that are looking to buy a brand new NAS solution later inwith the announcement of the popular Synology Solution Exhibition in Tapei, we have been treated to a glimpse at a few of the new software and hardware solutions that will be on show. As with previous years, Synology is holding a separate event that is running during the Computex trade show and for those that are interested in the popular NAS manufacturer, it will be a must-visit for those in Taiwan at the end of the month.

Synology will be revealing brand new Diskstation and Rackstation solutions, as well as previewing new software innovations too. We also hope to get a better look at the as-yet-unreleased, DSM 7. We at NASCompares will, of course, be there to give you guys a better look at what Synology have in store for us in their NAS series, but here is what we know so far. Here is what Synology themselves have to say at the moment:.

synology ds220+

Synology provides a wide array of solutions to ensure business continuity. Join us to explore the data life cycle and discover infinite possibilities of file access, storage, and backup. We have still yet to get our hands on a demo of the DVA or Dual Controller Storage solutions, but from what we have seen from the tech demos, it is certainly worthy of your attention.

These are:. However, I cannot stress enough that this is purely conjecture and only based on an educated guess. We shall know more at the end of the month. Alongside this, as it is a rackmount NAS, it will include 5 years of warranty. Currently, Synology only supports NVMe as an SSD caching option, but increased support of this as a raw storage media type in flash devices would be of particular interest to many.

We shall see.

Top 16 Best NAS for Plex Servers in 2020

It was only referred to in production videos and the proposed AI identification advantages were given a lot of coverage. The Synology DVA provides improved accuracy of motion detection and track and record moving of objects with the assistance of additional GPU power. Also, the DVA NAS identifies and differentiates objects, calculates a crowd within a specific time frame, detects missing objects as well as objects that are out of the ordinary, and can provide real-time video analysis data for the connected user, in the dedicated GUI.

This is used to recognize intelligent triggers and deliver deep learning in graphic terms. Alongside this, the device features 2x USB 3. In the event of hardware failure, CPU failure, system attack or more, the 2nd controller will then become the primary device and your connected users, hosting, and more will barely even notice. It was an impressive piece of kit last year and definitely something that high-level enterprise server users have been desiring for a while now.

Up until now, Synology has been hot on the subject of their High Availability 2.

New Synology DS220+, DVA3219, FS6400 and UC3200 NAS Revealed

Though this means that the storage is shared also. It is still too early to confirm what other devices we shall see at the Synology event, though it is worth highlighting that given the Synology release schedule of their Diskstation Series, we will likely see follow-ups to a number of their most popular devices. We have yet to see suitable successors to the J or PLAY Synology NAS series and I would expect this information to arrive either at the event or shortly after, however below are what I think we will see additionally featured at the event at the end of May.

Although already covered last year in the form of the DSslim, we have still yet to see this 2. With differing reports of the internal hardware in different regions, as well as Synology official sources in different countries all stating it is postponed, I think it likely that this will be absorbed into the Synology series and be re-named the DSslim NAS.

However, I think it is long overdue for a re-visit and a DSxs would be a very, very welcome addition to the product family. We shall see!Your basket is empty. USD Australian Dollar est. AUD Canadian Dollar est. ZAR Swedish Krona est. SEK Swiss Franc est. CHF Danish Kroner est. DKK Norwegian Kroner est. NOK Japanese Yen est. HKD Singapore Dollar est.

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synology ds220+

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Simply resilient

COM Status: Comparing 1. VAT inc. Stock code. Weight kg. People often choose Synology because of user friendly interface as well as being suited for Mac and Windows based environments. It is relatively easy to set up and use, and those who are new to Network Attached Storage are advised to go for the Synology.

Unlike the DSplay this box has the? Intel Celeron? GB RAM. About Usage With two bay unit you are having additional advantages. RAID 0 would be good for non-critical storage of data when you need it to read and written at high speeds.

It could give you good performance. Besides you can still access your documents or media files over your private network or even internet. You may install Plex Media Server on this box.

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